Southborough Cricket Club News story

January Newsletter

09 Jan 2020


Message from the Chairman

I'm hoping that you are all suitably relaxed after the festive period and looking forward to the coming year.

In November we held our AGM and I was pleased to see a strong turn-out with nearly 20 in attendance.  There was some healthy conversations and it was invaluable to receive various views on matters to take the club forward.

From a committee perspective, with a number of volunteers coming forward, we have filled all positions with no existing committee members performing multiple roles.  This is the first time this has been the case since I've been Chairman, so I'm very happy with this turn of events.

I would like to welcome all new committee members and thank those that continued to stand.  The committee is comprised as follows:

 Presidents  Jackie Morris & Steve Bovis
 Chairman  David Smith
 Secretary  Peter Riley
 Treasurer  Mark Harrison
 Sponsorship  Richard Douglas
 Junior co-ordinator  Chris Williams
 Club Welfare Officer  Kate Sharpe, Jessica Juon & Danny Brown
 Membership  Alex Juon
 Fixture Secretary  Hassan Hadi
 Pavilion  Steve Smith
 Groundsman  Brian Hobden 
 1st Team Captain  Tom Williams
 2nd Team Captain  Stefan Hildreth
 League Representative  Ben Holt
 150 Club co-ordinator  James Rumbles
 Social Team  Alain Taylor, Alex Hibbitt & Jake Marsh

I would also like to thank Adrian Berendt for all of his work leading the 2nd team over the past few years.  It wasn't long ago that we debated dropping the 2nd team, due to poor availability, but Adrian stood up and poured his energy into making sure we ran a team and did a brilliant job.  Your effort and dedication throughout this period can not be underestimated.

I also wish to thank Geoff Brown who stood down from the role as our league representative.  Geoff was able to effectively represent the club, making sure our voice was heard and has steered us through various changes proposed by the league over the years he's been carrying out this role.  We're grateful for what you've done for the club.

Indoor Training

Details as in the leaflet.  We continue with our arrangement at Judd School, although due to events outside of our control have had our booking pushed back one hour.  We have also decided to extend the programme to 12 weeks, from 10 last year.  This is to make sure that these sessions run all the way up until we start our outdoor season. This does mean that we've increased the costs of the junior programme to reflect the two additional weeks.  I'm hoping that this decision does not impact on any junior being able to participate, but if you do wish to discuss, please contact the Junior co-ordinator.

March Social Event

The Social Team has made arrangements for the first event of the year. Two Shuffle Boards have been reserved between 5-7pm on Saturday 21 March at the Shuffle House on St. Johns Road.  If you are interested in playing, please contact one of the team, or let me know and I'll pass on your details.

Here's to a fantastic 2020 - hope you all have a great year on and off the pitch!!