Southborough Cricket Club - Players' Charter

Players’ Charter


  • You play for Southborough Cricket Club and, as such, are available for selection for both Saturday teams and/or the Sunday XI.
  • The selection committee consists of the captains of all three teams.
  • It is each player’s responsibility to indicate his availability via the club website.
  • You will be sent an e-mail when selected and must confirm asap.
  • Failure to conform to the above could result in future non-selection.

  • The first team captain will select, in consultation with other members of the selection committee, the best team he can from the players available. First team success is a crucial aim of the club.

  • The second team captain will then select a strong, balanced team from the remaining senior players and promising young players.

  • The Sunday captain will select a balanced team including senior players and promising young players. The club needs more senior players to be available on Sundays.

  • We aim to give you the very best cricketing experience each week and full value for your subscription

  • Where a player is selected in a different team from usual,he will be played as close to his usual role as possible.

  • Any player promoted or dropped will be spoken to or e-mailed by the relevant captain.

    In addition

  • A player dropped from the 1st XI will be selected for the next 2nd XI fixture, unless there are circumstances which will be explained to him by the 2nd XI  Captain after discussion between the two Captains.

  • Grievances can be made via team captains at any time.