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We believe that the future of our wonderful game is best enhanced by providing opportunities for children and young people to be supported in their cricketing development and also in their development more generally.

Team sport has many fantastic benefits and where better to partake in a team sport than Southborough CC.  A warm welcome is made to all of our juniors, their siblings and parents and the Common is a veritable hive of activity with streams of All Stars and Under 9s on Saturday mornings and U13 matches on Sunday mornings.

What we are trying to achieve is best summed up in the following diagram - for a club of our standing, it's not short term gain we seek, but rather development of our juniors to progress through to senior cricket and to become the next administrators of the local club game, be it here at Southborough or elsewhere.

Southborough Cricket Club provides opportunities for young people, both boys and girls, between the ages of  7 and 16 to receive coaching and competition.

We operate three teams
  • All Stars Cricket  - we have been running an ECB All Stars Centre since this scheme was first introduced in 2017.  Since then, we have seen a year on year increase in the number of All Stars and now attract over 60 each year and its great to see such a high number of children enjoying a safe, fun programme.  As well as a Lead Activator, we have three other Activators but always looking for more to help out. 
  • Under 9s Cricket  -  following on from our success in running the All Stars programme, we have recently started an Under 9 Section.  Especially pleasing is to see the number of girls that are wanting to continue playing cricket, the majority having started in All Stars.  This age group plays softball and we enter them in the Kent Cricket Mini Super-8s competition.  We're also looking at other Sunday morning friendly tournaments against local sides as a way of bringing together this age group in a relaxed family orientated environment with bbq and our infamous slushie machine.  We have a lead coach and one other qualified coach and are in the process of increasing our number of qualified coaches
  • Under 11s Cricket  - we now have a well established Under 11 section, giving children their first opportunity to play hardball cricket for those in school years 5 and 6. The team is entered into the Invicta Junior League and play the pairs cricket format with matches against local sides generally on Monday evenings.
    Under 13s Cricket  - continues their development, introducing new elements into their cricketing knowledge and the format starts to look more like senior cricket, though based around 9-a-side teams.  Compete in the Invicta Junior League and in 2024, we have two teams competing.  For those in year 8 deemed suitably developed by their coaches, there might be opportunities to play Sunday cricket alongside and against adults.  We have a lead coach and one other qualified coach.
  • Under 15's Cricket  - the final junior age group, made up of school years 9 and 10. We have entered one team in the Invicta Junior League with matches played on Sunday mornings. As well as developing them as cricketers, we focus on empowering and supporting their wider development through support of the Young Leaders in Cricket scheme and also volunteering opportunities for those taking Duke of Edinburgh.
Season 2024
The outdoor season runs from the end of April. At the moment, all training will run for 12 weeks. This coincides with the league programmes and also stops just prior to the summer holidays, which historically has seen attendance levels fall away. However we are keeping this under review and are holding discussions with the coaches to see if we can offer cricket during the summer holidays. If we do go ahead with extending the season, we will let you know as early as possible so you can plan effectively.

Although we are grateful with the significant increases in children joining our junior section, this season we are keeping an eye on sign-ups with a soft cap being considered at some age groups. There are various reasons for having to do this, one of which can be addressed through increasing the number of coaches and adult supervisors to stay within ECB rations, but others include space for training, and match opportunities which are limited through number of league teams we can enter at each age group which is limited by physical space to hold matches. We've included our soft cap levels below, but to avoid
 Age Group  Start date and duration  Dates and times of sessions  Cost   Location   Number of spaces 
 All Stars  11 May (8 weeks)   Saturdays 9am-10am £30   Southborough Common   72
 Under 9s   4 May (12 weeks)   Saturdays 10.30am-11.30am £60   Southborough Common  60
 Under 11s  30 April (12 weeks)  Tuesdays 6pm-7.30pm  £75  Southfields Park (Skinners' School)   20 
 Under 13s  30 April (12 weeks)  Tuesdays 6.30pm-8pm £75  Southfields Park (Skinners' School)  30
 Under 15s  30 April (12 weeks)  Tuesdays 6.30-8pm £75   Southfields Park (Skinners' School)  24 
* girls softball training and also takes place on Saturday mornings on the Common and hardball takes place Tuesday evenings at Southfields Park.

For more information about the Junior Section, please contact the Junior Co-ordinator, southboroughccjuniors@outlook.com

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Youth Team fixtures
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Date: Mon 06 May 2024
 Under 11Tunbridge Wells CC Under 11 BAway 18:00
Date: Sun 12 May 2024
 Under 13Tunbridge Wells CC Girls U14Away 09:30
 Under 13 BTunbridge Wells Borderers CC Under 13Home 09:30
 Under 15Tunbridge Wells CC Under 15 BHome 09:30
Date: Mon 13 May 2024
 Under 11Withyham CC Under 11 - HardballAway 18:00
Date: Sun 19 May 2024
 Under 13Pembury CC Under 13 Blue CapsHome 09:30
 Under 13 BBidborough CC Under 13Away 09:30
 Under 15Pembury CC Under 15 ColtsAway 09:30
Date: Mon 20 May 2024
 Under 11Chiddingstone CC Under 11Home 18:00
Date: Sun 26 May 2024 (Showing 1 of 2 items. Group continues on the next page.)
 Under 13Withyham CC Under 13Away 09:30
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