Southborough Cricket Club - Life Vice Presidents

Southborough Cricket Club acknowledges the long and distinguished service of the following members, all of whom serve the club as Life Vice Presidents

 A.C. Berendt  G. Brown  J.R. Brown
 T. Carmichael
 G. Constable  M.T. Dunn  S. Fisher  G. Gilmour
 R.M. Grayland  R.C.A. Hart  A.J. Hinds  P. Hobbs
 D.B. Hobden  K.P. Matthews  J.V. Parkinson  J.W. Pearce
 M. Pulsford  Mrs. M. Pulsford  R.J. Russell  D.R. Smith
 L.R. Standen  D. Thorpe  P.C.R. Young