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Work Party - this Saturday, from 8:45 (19/09)

17 Sep 2020

We've arranged an end of season work party for this Saturday morning, from 8:45 and I would ask that you make every effort to come along and help out.

There isn't a huge amount to do, but what needs to be done requires a number of people to do it easily. Tasks such as returning the batting cage over to Meadows School take less individual effort if we have six players helping out. Taking down the boundary netting, putting away the flat sheet cover neatly,  stacking things tidily in the veranda, giving the pavilion a once over with the hoover and wiping down of the surfaces can all be achieved quickly with a number of people helping.

I really hope we get a good turnout to cap off what has been a  great year for the Club (despite the wider circumstances) - it would be really pleasing to see lots of guys pulling together to support their teammates and their club in a season where the Club has done so much to get you some cricket and some normality.